Shop for farmers!!

Woolworths/safeway are having a charity day this Friday 15th Feb where all profits are going to the farmers.

I think this is a great idea. I missed it last year, but I am saving up all my shopping and am going have a huge shop on Friday. I like the fact it is 100% of all profits, not a percentage or a couple of cents like other promotions that you see.

If you have grocery shopping to do this week anyway, I urge you to shop at Woolworths/Safeway and shop for a good cause.

If you want to check it out further go here: 

My Dad was on a farm till he got sick and my uncle has just had to leave his property and try to find a job (not easy at 60 odd). It is actually a blessing in disguise that my dad did have to sell his property as with the water restrictions now, many farmers are having to just bulldoze their trees as they don’t have any water allocation to water them.

Anyway something to think about to help someone else and it wont cost you any more than normal.


My gratitude list

I am grateful for:

* That I enjoy my own company and I don’t get bored, ever

* That I love reading

* That I have a can do attitude and stick to things even when I don’t want to

* That I have a good memory

* That I am emotional person and can feel and express those feelings

Menu Plan for the coming week

Still continuing the freezer and pantry cleanout. Planning on doing a big shop next Friday (see tomorrows post to see why)

– Saturday night – rump steak marinated in soy sauce with warm smashed potato salad (small potatoes boiled, then smashed around with olive oil, cooked bacon, a clove of crushed garlic and a splash of soy sauce)

– Sunday lunch – Ikea meatball sandwich with Berenburg chutney and lingonberry jan (on my own)

– Sunday dinner – greek salad & fruit (on my own)

– Monday – stir fry – homemade sauce, lots of veges, strips of beef.

– Tuesday – slow cooker roast with veges and slow cooker gravy

– Wednesday – chicken and bacon risotto (recipe posted previously)

– Thursday – homemade pizza

– Friday – tacos

Gratitude List

I am grateful that:

* Our favourite petshop allows us to take our puppy dog with us so we could fit him up with a new choker collar

* That we found a choker collar for $17, and then found one in the next aisle for only $6 big win

* That we can get 10 pigs ears for only $15 there (his favourite treat)

* That hubby and I found a DVD we both wanted to watch – Oceans 13 (not a bad Friday night flick)

* That hubby and I found a chinese takeaway that a) doesn’t use pork for hubby’s allergy and b) doesn’t use msg/preservatives/colours/additives that affect me. For the first time ever after eating chinese I could still get my rings off my fingers the next morning. (I usually swell like crazy after eating chinese)  

Gratitude list

I am grateful that:

* Hubby has offered to vacuum the floors, saving me a job

* That it is late night shopping and I have no desire to go

* That the library has so many good DVD’s for hire for free

* That I am learning to communicate with my Mother better

* That I was able to look through the junk mail without wanting anything

Gratitude list

I am grateful for:

* The free ticket to the James Morrison and Demi Hines concert tonight, worth $75. It was a fabulous concert, lots of 1940’s jazz standards with a modern take.

* My organised wardrobe so that I was able to put together an outfit, including shoes and accessories in 30 seconds flat – especially handy as tonight’s show started 30mins earlier than we were advised

*That my boss SMSed me to let me know the show was earlier, or I would have been late.

* That someone who hadn’t seen me for a while commented how great I was looking (I fitted into a size 16 skirt tonight)

* That Demi Hines commented that I have lovely eyes when she was autographing the CD I got for my Mum.

The power of an organised wardrobe

Well I have finally finished working in the bedroom, it is not finished, there is still a lot I want to do in there…ie polish all my shoes, go through handbags, go through the high storage & help hubby go through his stuff, but I am happy with the progress I have made and it is time to move onto more pressing areas. I have achieved my goals in this room and the rest can wait until the rest of the house is at a similar level. What is the point of having the bed room perfect, if the rest of the house is falling over.

I now only have clothes in my wardrobe that I know fit and look good now. I know none of them need repairing or laundering. I have all my shoes neatly displayed, and I know what I have and I know there is nothing I need. I have cleaned out two whole drawers of the chest of drawers, and after rearranging the stuff in the wardrobe it has given my husband another full shelf to spread out his things.

The reason for this post….I was walking through Target today, with a giftcard in my pocket to spend, and they had all their new stock in, and were offering discounts and I didnt even look. I walked confidently by the fashion, underwear, sleepwear and shoe department safe in the knowledge that I have more than enough of everything at home. There are no holes in my wardrobe and nothing that I need. I didn’t risk succumbing to any impulse purchases by looking at the departments. I have a rule that I only want to buy items that are on my wants list. I currently dont have anything from any of those departments on my list, so it was easy to walk past….and guess what?! It felt good!! There was no fear, no guilt, no compulsion to look. There is power in knowledge, and power in an organised wardrobe

Oh and as a side, I ended up spending the giftcard on items that have been on my wishlist for a while….an eyelash/eyebrow brush, Guy Sebastian’s new memphis CD and a book that deals with all my food allergies that has just been updated and re released. It lists all the additives to avoid and gives recipes for allergy free food.  

 I will go back into the wardrobe when I have lost another 10kg, retry everything I should have gone down another dress size by then and will throw all the clothes that are too big, maybe have a couple of favourite pieces taken in, and go through all the bagged clothing and put the stuff that fits into the wardrobe. I shouldn’t have any holes until I lose about 2 more dress sizes, it is then I will have to start looking at new clothes, but that is one of my rewards for losing that much weight anyway, and there is more and more choice in op shops and clearance shops when one gets down to a more socially acceptable size anyway.