Gratitude list

I am grateful for:

* Ebay – a cheap and easy market to sell items

* All the valuable council that I receive on this email list

* All of my cyber friendships that I appreciate

* My offsider at work, without whom I would probably go insane, she is great to bounce ideas off, great to vent to, and doesn’t mind taking instruction from me.   

* That I woke up this morning


Things i need to do to get myself out of my current slump

I am feeling a bit “Blah” at the moment. Having a sinus infection that is making my ear feel like it will explode and my throat is embedded with razer blades, but I am feeling a bit down in the dumps too.

Here is my plan to turn it around:

* Rejoin weight watchers for extra motivation on the weight loss front

* Doing more exercise (but not too much, too soon)

* Drink more water

* Take my supplements daily

* Have a purely natural, additive free diet

* Do good things for me ie massage, facials, manicures etc

* Work on our finances so I dont worry about that.

* Take some time off work and relax

Gratitude List

I am grateful for: 

* Nine years at my current job and the things I have learnt there (It was my anniversary on Friday)

*That I can spot a bargain (I was beginning to worry I had lost my touch, but all it means is I have deliberately put blinkers on when going shopping, which I am happy about)* That I can walk away from said bargain as I don’t need it and have better uses for my money (Stunning necklaces @ 2 for $15) *  Free junk mail so I can window shop from the comfort of my lounge chair*  That my Mother verbalised how much she loved me, I “know” that she loves me from everything that she does for me, but it was very special to hear it.

Meal planning

– Saturday night – roast beef  (Neither hubby or I felt like roast so I turned into a slow cooker curry for hubby’s night shift)

– Sunday lunch – meatball sandwich (on my own)

– Sunday dinner – gourmet sausages and mash

– Monday – tuna mornay

– Tuesday – pasta and sauce

– Wednesday – chicken and bacon risotto

– Thursday – homemade pizza

– Friday – tacos

Million sporting ball give away!

Hi everyone,

 Saw this and thought others in Oz might like it. Ricky Ponting and Rexona want more men to get active so they are giving away 1 million sporting balls….looks like you might get either a golf ball, tennis ball, cricket ball, soccer ball or football.

Enjoy the freebie and hopefully will help us Aussies to move more.

Gratitude List

I am grateful for:

* That I was able to look through the avon catalogue – and while there were lots of tempting things in there, I decided I either had enough or had a good enough alternate. I made a list of the three items I really want and I will see if I still want them next catalogue. The good thing about avon is that they often repeat things for several brochures, and you can back order one catalogue too.

* That work value my opinion enough to fly me to Sydney for the day to attend a meeting

* That I will be able to replace one of my favourite hair toys that the dog chewed up as the place where I got it from is right near the Sydney office.

* That the hair toy while looking very expensive (It is a beautiful red chinese brocade pony tail cover) was only a couple of dollars.

* That I will be able to get the blue and black versions as well while I am there that I didn’t get last time (at least I hope they still have them in stock)

Gratitude list

I am grateful for:

* That I don’t suffer back pain everyday

* That I have the time and energy to clean my house

* That it is such a lovely day today

* That I don’t actually mind the smell of doggy doo (hubby actually gags on the smell, so the job of cleaning it up has defaulted to me)

* That I can actually walk out of my kitchen knowing it is not perfectly clean, and I am actually ok with that. (Dont get me wrong, the kitchen is clean…I deep cleaned it today, I even emptied the drawers and cleaned out the crumbs, but my windows could do with a wash, and the perfectionist in me in the past would have made sure the windows were cleaned too, but I have other things to do and I needed to move on…I will get to the windows next time…I am proud that I was able to move on without any anxiety – I am getting better at beating my perfectionism)